Frequently asked questions

Most common questions we get asked about Index Signals

How much do your signals generate?

Most months we tend to do well over 1000 pips in profit which stands for percent in point. This is a measure of movement in the forex markets, pips for different pairs have different values so its important you use the correct sizing on each signal we give you, we will assist you with the right LOT size upon setup. 1000+ pips monthly will generate at least 5-10% profit monthly minimum with a safe risk size. Forex is a long term game and 95% of traders lose because they want to make quick, fast profit after their first week.

How much should I invest?

This is really up to you, we would suggest practising on a demo account in the beginning which is like fake money and then move to a real account once you understand the platform and make all the mistakes you will have made on the real account! After you are ready we suggest starting with over 300+ or 500+ This will give you a good amount to profit on each month as a beginner but as a more serious trader you should be looking to trade with 10-100k+ to make enough to cover your full time income, remember making 5-10% a month seems small but on big cash it adds up quickly with compounding, banks give you 5% a year! So master the art of doing 5% a month and you'll be laughing.